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LCJ Wholesalestore 5, 10, 15, 20, 28, and 30 round capacity magazines. Aluminum and stainless steel. One stop shop for all your AR magazine needs.

Vietnam Veteran Owned. 4th Division '68-'69. Welcome home to all of you visiting our store, and thanks for your service to our country.

All of the C Products Defense stainless steel high capacity magazines have the new proprietary “black T” coating.

PayPal accepted on all 10 rd orders.

All new Gen II 30 round 223 stainless steel magazines are in stock.


Dealer pricing available. Call 941 216-4285
Volume Ammo available.

Contact information:

941 216-4285 Sales Larry
941 216-4284 Dealer Sales

Store Hours: 9am - 6pm est Monday-Friday

All credit cards at time of order are pre-authorized. Your card will be charged 3 days prior to shipping.
LCJ Wholesalestore adheres to all State and Federal laws concerning magazine capacity in each state, county and city.

All orders that are cancelled after being shipped without prior written cancellation are subject to a restocking charge plus freight.

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